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More About Our Flood Water Damage Removal and Clean-Up Services

As a pioneer in the local market for flood water damage removal and water restoration services, our team at Benjamin Water Damage Restoration Service-LSA has long asserted itself as a name synonymous with professionalism, commitment, and integrity. In the lines that follow, we have concentrated on our water damage clean-up services which we offer to people all around Rosedale, MD, so keep reading!


If you have recently experienced a pipe burst or a flood, and have water damage all around your home, you are probably wondering “what now?” First and foremost, you need to stop any kind of active leaks in your house. If you cannot do this on your own, our emergency water damage removal team will be with you shortly. We will shut down your home’s main water supply and inspect for any other water infiltration points. Once all active leaks have been addressed, we will begin the water damage clean-up process as promptly as possible to minimize any further damage.


No two flood water damage removal jobs are alike, and the amount of required work always differs depending on the size of the area and the level of damage. Our team at Benjamin Water Damage Restoration Service-LSA has specialized equipment that enables us to pinpoint the exact levels of moisture in your home and decide on the kind of cleanup equipment and methods that will work best in the situation. We will either rest or poke the top of surfaces, such as floors, baseboards, and ceilings in damaged rooms to get an accurate reading.


The process in a nutshell


  • Area assessment & moisture estimation

  • Removal of standing water

  • Drying & Containment

  • Monitoring

  • Repair of additional damage

  • Completion

For more information about our water damage clean-up and our emergency water damage removal services in Rosedale, MD, just give us a call, and we will be with you promptly! You can reach us at (301) 298-1552 for more information.